Specialized product groups and spare parts for European / Asian / American vehicles

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Since our establishment, we offer a wide range of car spare parts.
For every category of spare parts we import into our products, we make sure they are complete, so that we can serve you directly from the store or shipped to your location.
We are constantly investing in human resources, infrastructure and services to meet the needs of the workshop owner and the parts dealer and keep up with the technological developments of vehicles.

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With the aim of directly serving and supporting our partners, we invest in improving our organization, our network of partners and the knowledge of our people.

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Our company regularly reviews the quality of the spare parts it offers


In our store you can find and purchase spare parts for all the categories listed below.
Every category of spare parts we import is complete.
Our goal is to constantly enrich our range of spare parts with new categories.

Lubricants - Chemicals

in detail



Brake liquids


Belt Complex

in detail

Timing Set

Timing Chain Set

Generator Stretcher

Crank Pulleys

Water Pumps

Camshaft Belts

Generator Belts

Braking System

in detail

Braking Pads

Braking Discs



Brake Pipes

Brake Wear Sensor

Brake Calipers


in detail

Oil Filter

Air Filter

Fuel Filter

Cabin Filter

LPG Filter

Automatic Gearbox Filter

Suspension System

in detail

Shock absorbers

Susoension Mounts


in detail

Clutch Set

Ingnition System

in detail

Spark plugs


Ball bearing




Cooling System

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Water Pump



in detail


in detail


in detail

Pipes for: Fuel, Water, Vacuum, Chemical Stuff

Hoses (spiral pipes)

Pipe joints

Aluminum ducts

Wiper Blades

Φούσκες Universal

Collar clamps

Trunk Caps

Collaborating Suppliers

Summary of Spare Parts Market:


-ΟΕ (Original Equipment).

These are spare parts produced by the car manufacturer or a spare parts manufacturer and used during the initial assembly of the vehicle. OE spare parts meet the manufacturer’s quality specifications.

-OES (Original Equipment Service).

They are spare parts, the same or similar specifications to the OEs (first mounting). They are available in the car manufacturer’s packaging, and are usually available from the official network of car dealers and repairers.

-ΙΑΜ (Independent After Market ή σκέτο Aftermarket)

Aftermarket parts are available directly from component manufacturers. 


Aftermarket Spare Classification 

-First placement.

The first mounting parts are the same as those used in the manufacture of the car (OE & OES). The only difference is the packaging, which carries the insignia and logo of the original parts manufacturer. (e.g. BOSCH, NGK, PHILIPS, SKF, MONROE, LUK etc.)

-Matching Quality.

They are the parts that are manufactured to the same quality specifications as the first-class spare parts. Available from first-rate equipment suppliers or other Aftermarket suppliers.